The usual suggestion is to go for e-mailing prospective buyers instead of LinkedIn and to not make it seem like a cold call.

Songs, movies and books- all follow a proper structure.

A typical RRR(Research, Reference, Request) structure for the mail is a good approach:
– Research: The opening should show you have done your homework and it is not a cold call.

– Reference: Refer to other clients who have had similar experience. Share valuable insights and offer a relevant blog post etc.

– Request: Offer to share more such insights and ask for a meeting.

Some best practices are:
– Keep your mail half as long, twice as powerful.

– Don’t start with a Hi my name is abc and I do xyz. Get to the point.

– Make good use of the subject line. The first 35 characters appear on the cell phone.

– Avoid starting your opening sentence with an “I”. Focus on them instead.

– In the reference section, talk about how client A experienced benefit X instead of talking about features of your product.

– Address them by their name.

– Add a link to a simple deck that tells what you do. Could also be a video.

Credits: Leo Polovets on Twitter

TO DO: Mail prospective buyers of product by following Research, Reference, Request approach.

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