“To travel is to live”. We say, live better.

While planes are a great way to reach a place early, we’d highly recommend taking trains on your vacation to enjoy it to the fullest.

Train travel is a truly romantic way to travel. As you go through different locales, you can gaze out your window upon scenic landscapes. Vineyards, castles, villages, ranges, beautiful valleys.. need we say more?

You can also stay connected to your loved ones when there’s no need to be on airplane mode, you have a lot more leg space in general, you can even switch seats with relative ease as compared to a plane, you have a larger area to take a stroll in, it’s certainly easier when you’re with your children.

Our favorite reason? You can break up your journey to explore a café or a museum and schedule your stopovers to make the most of your vacation!

TO DO: Travel by train instead of plane


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