Archilochus was a Greek soldier around 650 BC. He’s known for a famous line he quoted:

“We do not rise to the level of our expectations. We fall to the level of our training”.

The way you train reflects how you fight.

People decide to not do a few things while training and think they’re going to step up when the time really comes.

There is no step up, though. You will end up doing what you do every day.

This is why it is important to establish systems and habits.

Extend this to your work place. You must have heard statements like “You can’t fix stupid” or “This is common sense.”

The truth is, people don’t know what they don’t know and yet are sometimes expected to perform above what they’re trained for.

Are there systems at your workplace that enable colleagues to address situations the way they are expected to?

Credits: Shane on Twitter

TO DO: Establish systems and habits to achieve goals and train for them.


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