Ever wondered why does the juice always glug glug its way out of the container as you pour it into a glass? You’ve been pouring it wrong that’s why!

There’s a reason those containers are shaped a certain way. When the juice is first sealed for sale, the pressure inside and outside the container are the same.

When you pour it out the “wrong” way, the weight of the juice forces it out. As the volume of the juice starts reducing, the volume of air increases.

According to science, when you increase the volume of gas without adding any mass, its pressure decreases. When the inside has lower pressure, the outside has air pressure to move past the juice, form bubbles to equalize things and cause the “glug glug glug” pouring.

When you pour the right way, you leave a section of the pouring hole unblocked for outside air to freely move and result in a smooth flow.

TO DO: Pour juice the right way, keeping the nozzle away from the glass


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