A frozen Lake George offers the perfect race track for a group of gear heads in New York.

Offering the perfect adrenaline rush, it’s a boon for the country’s grassroots racing scene – in making racing more accessible and not just a hobby to be taken up by the rich.

There’s no need for a racing license, all one needs is a helmet and some snow tires.

It also offers a variety in terms of track. If it’s extra cold, the ice is slick but on warmer days, the ice gives a lot of bite.

The risk of damaging yourself or property are quite low, which is perhaps why a lot of millennials are taking it up for the experience of it.

And since it’s grassroots racing, winners mostly just walk away with trophies and well deserved bragging rights instead of cash prizes.

Read more on the frozen lake grassroots racing scene here.

Credits: Ars Technica on Twitter

TO DO: Contact Adirondack Motor Enthusiast Club to race on the frozen Lake Georgia in winters.


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