The web continues to replace libraries and bookstores or book cafes.

As per convenience, it seems like a welcome change but we can’t help wonder if web really can replace the experience as well.

Even though we have the option of an e-book, at times we do miss the musky smell or the creamy touch of a paper.

Any book nerd will tell you that it is often difficult to find a certain book they are searching for on e-libraries or archives.

It is, therefore, apparent that the web is slow and not efficient enough to expand its collection.

And we can only find books on the web, not discover them as we can in libraries and bookstores.

The best part is to browse through sections, dive in the books’ words and dip your toes in their worlds to eventually realise that you have stumbled upon something interesting and valuable.

One does miss the quiet, comforting and warm serenity of a library or simply sitting with a cup of warm coffee in a cosy corner of a book café as the world goes on around us.

Credits: Francois Chollet on Twitter

TO DO: Visit libraries more often.


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