The American Watchmakers – Clockmakers Institute, aka AWCI, organises workshops across different US cities to teach the art of watch making.

Watch making, you might contend, is a dying field. True, it’s not widely publicised and people are turning to smart watches more than ever before.

But we often experience nostalgia for things that never were. Maybe you weren’t around when those beautiful vintage cars adorned the streets. And yet you crave for that time to return.

To us, watch making reminds us of a simpler time. Needless to say, the value of handcrafted items over mass produced items is still valued.

If you have any interest in the idea of making things from scratch, in things that require craftsmanship – we’d suggest you try watch making. Get your family or friends together and experience the joy of making something. Preserve an art before it’s lost.

THIS MONTH: Check out if they offer workshops in your city


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