Mary Meeker offers an insightful 300+ page report on the 2019 Internet Trends.

As an investor, an entrepreneur, or simply a curious layman, the report is a must read to know what’s happening around the world.

Some key pieces of information to get you interested:
– China has 21% of global internet users. India has 12%. Right now, it’s easiest to set up new brands with no prior allegiance in these two countries and in Indonesia, Brazil, Nigeria and Philippines.

– Facebook and Google’s duopoly on online advertising has driven Customer Acquisition Costs very high, especially in e-commerce, creating a need for organic scalable channels.

– The trend is playing against television and for mobile. ESPN being replaced by Twitch, Reality TV by Snapchat and Instagram, CNBC by Cheddar etc.

– Users always claim they care about privacy but they always trade it for convenience.

Find the report here.

Credits: Jeremy Liew on Twitter

THIS WEEK: Read Mary Meeker’s report on 2019 Internet Trends

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