The last thing you’d want as a site owner is to lose the hard earned traffic to your site because you decided to migrate to a different domain.

According to sistrix, these fears are not well-founded because people don’t exactly follow the right steps to do so.

For starters, you could move all your indexed URLs to a completely new domain with hardly any visibility, and still get the same traffic as before.

You need to be a little patient with Google here, though. It could take up to 3 months to index all your new URLs.

Other than that, why do domains lose traffic despite accurate migration? Here are some reasons according to sistrix:

– You changed the architecture of your site along with domain.

– You migrated to an infected domain, which is a domain that has been penalised too many times to be ranked high by google.

– You rebranded your organisation and it wasn’t well received.

Read more and in depth on why else your site migration could be a failure, here.

Credits: Rand Fishkin on Twitter

TO DO: While migrating to a new domain, stick to old site architecture, move to a domain that’s not infected, do not simultaneously rebrand.


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