Pompeii might only be a name you’ve come across in your history textbooks back in school, but it’s a lot more than that.

Pompeii is a city that is still moulded in the past, a city that has not aged, a city the still makes you feel like you too are a part of the natural disaster that struck Pompeii in A.D 79.

In the summer of that year, Mount Vesuvius suddenly erupted, resulting in the entire city being covered in a blanket of ashes, wiping out life from the entire island.

Finally, in the year 1748, it was discovered again, in the same condition.

From buildings to earthly possessions to human bodies, all of it had been carefully preserved by the ash. Therefore, the city acts as a treasure to archaeologists and is a goldmine of knowledge that helps them uncover and learn so much about the past.

With such a rich and heavy backdrop, Pompeii has become a great tourist attraction, and we’d encourage you to visit too.

The Antiquarium, Forum, Stabian Baths, House of Menander and New Excavations are some of the top must visit places.

Credits: David Spinks on Twitter

TO DO: Plan a trip to Pompeii to visit the archaeological sites and witness its rich history.


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