The land of Sri Lanka is vibrant with culture and so are the cities all across the island.

Best time to visit:
The country is not a round the year friendly place due to its heavy monsoons. The May-June downpour mainly affects the south-west of the country whereas the one in October-December affects the entire island country and would be a time to avoid, definitely.
Mar-Apr is a good time to visit both east and west coast.

Top places to visit:
– Sigiriya Rock Fortress
– Polonnaruwa
– Dambulla
– Andharapura
– Galle Fort
– Colombo.

If you’re an animal lover, Sri Lanka is home to 22 national parks, including Yala which has the highest number of leopards.

The best way to end up in Sri Lanka is by flight. Although inland transportation is quite slow because of the roads, trains and buses are something you can rely on, or for a luxurious outing, you can get yourself your own chauffeur and go wherever you wish to.

Stay during visit:
Sri Lanka has a range of hotels, from ones with an old vintage look to the most modern ones.

Credits: Abhishek Gupta on Twitter

TO DO: Plan a trip to Sri Lanka in Mar-Apr.


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