Traction means having a measurable set of customers that goes to show your startup could not only be sustainable, it could also grow rapidly.

Getting reporters to write about your startup and your product is one of the many channels you can use to get traction.

However, most founders mistake “how do I get coverage” for a check list of things rather than focusing on the core offering.

Instead of, for example, simply dropping X e-mails to Y reporters fighting for space in their columns, the focus should be on “what is interesting about what we do and why does it matter?”

More so, the focus should not be on why it matters to the startup but why it matters to the readers of the post and how does the product impact the world.

A key method to do this is to figure out what reporters really need, what their readers care about and see if your product and vision aligns well with them.

Credits: Garry() on Twitter

TO DO: Before approaching reporters for your product, define what is interesting about it and how it affects the readers and the world in general.


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