Disclaimer: This needs some knowledge of coding.

If you have an online course framework that you wish to share with people without having to host it publicly, Ines Montani has come up with the solution.

She experimented with packaging her online course framework as an Electron app and it worked.

While wrapping web apps is not always the best idea, it makes selling premium courses online 100% independently a lot easier.

The app still needs a Binder or a Jupyter server to execute the code, but that could be configured to use a local installation too.

It is also a useful method when you are working with enterprise companies which have old browsers like IE. You can simply bundle your application into Electron and hand over to the team.

You can find the github code to her experiment and elaborate instructions on how to use it for yourself here. She’s currently only tested it on macOS.

Credits: Ines Montani on Twitter

TO DO: Bundle online course framework as electron app to host and sell independently.

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