From bot mobs to invading privacy, social media has not been what we expected and is up for an overhaul.

Voice claims to do just that. Created by, a leader in blockchain solutions, Voice is a game changer.

They use a special authentication system to make sure you’re human.

You can then proceed to post content on a hot topic.

Getting likes on your content earns you “Voice tokens”.

These tokens can be used to take any comment you posted to the very top. This is how you make your Voice heard.

The creators contend that they stand out by not making products out of their users. Currently platforms that focus on user content, data and attention reap the rewards instead of the users reaping them.

We think it’s a brilliant concept for people who are tired of being showed targeted ads and having their privacy invaded for the benefit of organisations.

You can sign up on their site

Credits: William LeGate on Twitter

TO DO: Sign up for beta version of Voice – a bot free, ad free social network where users reap rewards.


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