When it was discovered in 1960s that male humpback whales sing instead of just making sounds, it interested scientists worldwide.

With the help of custom-built recorders called high-frequency acoustic recording packages (HARPs), they have been able to record these songs over years.

In a project by Google, a team in collaboration with a renowned research oceanographer Ann Allen, created a website called Pattern Radio: Whale songs.

You can explore thousands of hours of humpback whale songs here. It uses AI to make it easy to make discoveries.

Listening to the ocean is an important way to monitor hard-to-study animals.

Whales and dolphins rely on acoustics for survival. So, in order to understand how to protect certain species, this project becomes crucial.

Read more about the project and other interesting information here.

THIS MONTH: Unravel the ocean’s mystery by exploring Humpback Whale songs


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