If you are from Atlanta and you love BBQ meat, then we have a piece of smoky news for you!

Although Atlanta is not quite known as the capital of barbecue from the south, you can try out Spicy Korean Smoked Pork Barbecue at Heirloom Market BBQ where expert Chef Cody Taylor and Jiyeon Lee invented a bbq pork recipe in a South-meets-Korea style!

The recipe comes with a sweet and spicy kick and so many amazing flavors that will keep your taste buds aroused!

They use gochujang which is a Korean red chili paste and gochugaru which is Korean red chili flakes, and these two explosive ingredients give the pork BBQ dish a feeling of both heaven and hell.

The dish is then infused with smoke to add that extra layer of lusciousness.

The spicy Korean smoked pork barbecue goes great on potato buns served with kimchi slaw, delicious pickles and more KB sauce.

Read the full recipe here.

Credits: Chowhound on Twitter

TO DO: Try Spicy Korean Smoked Pork BBQ recipe.


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