Although we are pretty much used to sitting and working at our workplaces, it is advised to sometimes stand and work.

Sitting all day can cause chronic musculoskeletal pain in our back or neck. The other alternaive, standing and working, can be quite difficult without a proper standing desk.

There are many standing desks out there in the market but we stumbled across the best one: Uplift Bamboo Standing Desk
– It is an extremely sturdy and well-built desk.
– The design is beautiful and classy; it has 1 inch thick top as well.
– The curve at the front makes the desk more comfortable and riveting.
– The desk comes with a control module by which you can set up the height of the table according to your own convenience.
It is available in various widths and the starting price is ~$599.

To learn more about standing desks, click here

Credits: Wirecutter on Twitter

TO DO: Buy standing desk for self.


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