Binge watching is becoming the new normal. Binge-watch was the word of the year in Collin’s English Dictionary in 2015, next to “dadbod” and “ghosting”.

While it is a popular phenomenon engulfing the whole world, is it really good to do so?

A 2017 study found binge-watching leads to poor sleep cycles.

Another study has linked binge watching to poorer memory retention compared to watching on a weekly basis, and creates a less enjoyable experience overall.

Why do people still do it? Escapism from the real world to immerse into a world of their own, perhaps? A pseudo-addiction to a series?

The body develops cravings for dopamine that watching episode after episode provides with.

Not only is binge watching unhealthy in general, it is also an isolating experience.

We suggest you make a conscious effort to make your TV time a shared experience instead of giving in to Netflix’s and other streaming services’, we dare say, vested interests.

Credits: David Spinks on Twitter

TO DO: Watch Netflix series weekly instead of binge watching


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