Our times are a testament to the strength of the art of persuasion. From advertising to politics, it is used everywhere.

While it is backed by entire psychological theories; each for different situations, three seem to form an underlying basis.

Three methods that are well demonstrated in this one minute video.

The ideological hierarchy is discussed and how each one is required for a productive and peaceful civilization, be it socialism or capitalism, just at different social levels.

Let’s see what methods of persuasion are used to present this argument.

1. There are chances of conflict, because different people have different ideas and they will be defensive about it. Accept it and appeal to their better or powerful instincts and emotions, if not reason.

2. The argument itself needs to be sensible and if not it needs to appear sensible. For which one needs to choose words wisely to make them understand simply and succinctly.

3. Confidence and authority are key. Show conviction and skills, if not rely on ideas of people that further your argument.

Credits: Anish on Twitter

TO DO: Watch video on art of persuasion.

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