I scream, you scream, we all scream “Ice creammm”.

Everybody loves ice cream and we have stumbled across the list of the best in every state.

1. Alabama: Chocolate Corner and Ice Cream, Gulf Shores
The paradise for all chocolate lovers lies here in Gulf Shores. They make in-house chocolates and it is served along with a scoop of ice cream. Get your nibble game strong on buckeyes and pretzels that are choco-dipped! There is more, hop over to this place to taste their Brownie sundae; scoops of vanilla ice cream and topped with chocolate syrup, whipped cream and to finish it off, there is a hot brownie and cherry on top!

2. Alaska: Wild Scoops, Anchorage
It is a small-batch microcreamery, and they make flavors out of ingredients that can be found in the local area, and Alaskan products. They have over 100 flavors to taste from. Head over to this place to try out their super tasty ice-cream sandwiches.

3. Arizona: Novel Ice Cream, Phoenix
This small cute scoop shop is more than just ice cream scoops in cones, that is too basic for them. They immerse the 12 rotating flavors in ice cream floats, and warm glazed donuts are filled with jam sphere. They serve extraordinary flavors, and each of the cones is topped with one Dutch stroopwafel, straight outta Holland!

Read about the best ice cream shops in the remaining states here.

Credits: Travel + Leisure on Twitter

TO DO: Visit the best ice cream shop in state, refer to list.


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