If you are planning for a perfect summer vacation, infinity pools should be in your bucket list.

The beauty of nature along with the perfection of man-made infinity pool will totally set the mood for a peaceful yet fun-filled vacation.

Swim on the edge of the swimming pool and witness the magical view of oceans and rivers right in front of you.

Take a break from the hot scorching summer heat and check out these 3 dazzling infinity pools across the world.

1. Amankilla- Bali, Indonesia
The Amankilla infinity pool is definitely one of the best ones in the world. Enjoy extraordinary view of the Lombak Strait and the mountains around it. The theme of the place is of the traditional rice fields of Indonesia as the pool slopes down the cliff in three tiers. If you are planning to visit Indonesia, you know where to stay and have the best time of your life.

2. Singita Sweni Lodge- South Africa
Are you a forest loving person? At this infinity pool, you can witness ‘Discovery’ Channel in front of your eyes. Overlooking the Sweni river in South Africa, this pool is perfect for you if you are a Tarzan at heart. If it’s your lucky day, you can see hippos, wonderful birdlife and even a sudden greet from a big cat (worry not, it’s a friendly and safe one).

3. Sheraton Wakiki- Honululu
The largest infinity pool in North America, which almost feels like a part of the huge Pacific Ocean is one of the most peaceful and serene pools. Sip on some cold cocktail and sink in the beauty of the sunset and the silence of the ocean.

Credits: Travel Noire on Twitter

TO DO: Visit Amankilla or Singita Sweni Lodge or Sheraton Wakiki to get the best infinity pool experience.


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