Being in a good market with a product that can satisfy that market is a slightly vague definition of Product Market Fit.

The Product Market Fit Pyramid explained in the book “The Lean Product Playbook” provides us with an actionable framework.

Within the product and market sections of the pyramid shown above, each layer depends on the layer immediately beneath it.

You cannot change your customer because then the whole pyramid falls down.

Everything is built on top of your target customer and their needs. Your product rests on top with 3 key features:
– Value proposition : how you plan to be the best
– Feature set : what functionality are you offering
– UX design : How end users see your product functionality

Between the two sections rests the product market fit. The one thing you need to focus on before launching a product: You can simply not compensate the lack of this by adding more features to your product.

TO DO: Read on Product Market fit before building a product


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