You might often find yourself overwhelmed with a lot of tasks at hand and no matter what you do, you’re always left with less time and more tasks to do.

You’re in for the greatest tip of your life. Okay, maybe not the greatest but it sure will simplify your life to a great degree.

The main cause behind poor time management is not knowing what to prioritise. So this week, we want you to start your day with listing all the tasks you have to do for the day, the tasks you would like to finish off by the end of the week and some long term goals.

Then divide them into the famous four quadrants defined by Stephen Covey, like mentioned in the image above.

Quadrant 1 screams for your attention but don’t be caught up with only those tasks and drain yourself.

Quadrant 3 is where you’d think those tasks are important but really they don’t add much value (HINT: All those meetings that seem so urgent but lead nowhere).

Quadrant 4 is where you waste your time if you’re leading an unconscious life.

And finally, Quadrant 2 is where you should focus most on. It reflects your goals and desires but since they’re not urgent, you end up neglecting them. Make time for these.

Conclusively, Q1: Manage them immediately but only put the effort needed without blowing out of proportion, Q2: Focus on these disporportionately. Q3: Try to delegate them since they’re urgent but not important. Q4: Try ditching altogether.

THIS WEEK: Classify your tasks into Stephen Covey’s famous quadrants


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