3 years after launching Pokemon Go, its creator Niantic launched another Augmented Reality game.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite allows users to drop pixelated versions of characters into real locations.

It is already the #1 iPhone game app in the US & UK. Some exciting features:
– You can establish yourself as official members of the Wizarding World by personalising your avatar with Wizarding World – inspired clothing and accessories.

– Activating a Portkey Portmanteau reveals an immersive VR-like experience.

– You can brew potions by collecting ingredients from Greenhouses on the Map.

– You can be an Auror, a Magizoologist or a Professor. Together with other professionals, you will have to solve challenges to unlock rare content.

– You will experience detailed 3D encounters in 360 degree advanced AR while casting spells.

– You can solve wizarding mysteries and participate in combats too.

If this hasn’t excited you already, we don’t know what will!

Credits: Tim Bradshaw on Twitter

TO DO: Try Harry Potter: Wizards Unite


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