If you have a loved one who delights in tasting different types of beer and enjoys artisanal, craft beer, a subscription to a top beer club is the perfect gift you can give them.

These clubs send out craft brews, unique ingredients and beer themed accessories on a monthly basis.

Ranging from ale to IPA to sour styles, Chow Hound has curated a list of the best subscription box in each category here.

Some of the best clubs:
Craft Beer Club: They search the exceptional craft beers from around the country to deliver 12 beers per month at your doorstep for $42 a month.

The Hop Heads Beer Club: They also send 12 beers but 4 each of 3 different hop-centric beers from US craft microbreweries as well as international breweries, every month. They’re priced at roughly $35 plus shipping.

The Rare Beer Club: They feature only two 750ml bottles of beer a month. They create new styles by experimenting with unusual ingredients, blending aged beers, aging beers in bourbon barrels and using other innovative brewing methods.

Credits: Chowhound on Twitter

TO DO: Gift a loved one a beer club subscription


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