If you’ve seen the Chernobyl series and enjoyed it too, you’ll also enjoy a great tech talk we stumbled upon recently.

“Who Destroyed Three Mile Island” delivered by Nikolas Means at Lead Dev London 2018 is filled with history, analogies and data presented in a way to make you go woah!

Nikolas considers himself a story teller and is a Sr. Engineering Manager at Github.

Gist on the Three Mile Island disaster: On March 28, 1979 at 4 o’clock in the morning, control rods slammed into Unit #2’s reactor core to halt the nuclear reaction because of a fault in the cooling system.

At 4:04, one of the plant operators decided to switch off the emergency cooling system, resulting in the reactor’s partial meltdown.

This talk emphasises on taking the time to find systemic causes that can prevent such disasters from repeating instead of putting the onus on one person.

It speaks of making stronger teams through systems thinking.

Credits: Bletchley Punk on Twitter

TO DO: Watch “Who Destroyed Three Mile Island” this weekend


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