Singapore is the only place in the world where its local food vendors have been given Michelin stars. That says a lot about it’s cuisine!
And the Singapore Food Festival celebrates that excellence. It offers the full fledged Singaporean cuisine held in July every year.

From the local, to high-end, the popular, the unconventional, from traditional to their modern spin-offs, it has it all!

Singapore has a multicultural heritage and to pack in all its food diversity is nothing less than a feat.

It has line up of interesting events held across all over Singapore that finally lead up to its main event STREAT.

Along with great food, it has local music artists, product launches from all over the world and culinary workshops conducted by local as well as international cooking stars.

It surely is the culinary event of the year!

Credits: Jonathan on Twitter

TO DO: Attend Singapore’s Food Festival STREAT.


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