Montreal is known for its Underground City, for maple syrup, Notre-Dame church and also, for a long time now, its vibrant food and cultural festivals.

One such summer festival is the Taste of the Carribean that had its 20th year in July.

Each year the festival focuses on one aspect of Carribean cuisine and culture.

This year it chose Carribean street food, and its unique and varied dance styles as it theme.

Local vendors put stalls for Carribean’s most popular food items like Jamaican Jerk, Bake Shark, Goat Stew, Patties, the burrito-like snack Roti amongst many.

Along with dance workshops, soccer area and kids’ play activities lined up for 3 days straight, this festival brings something new each year.

Credits: Travel Noire on Twitter

TO DO: Attend Taste of the Caribbean festival in Montreal.


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