The Chinese production company, YooZoo, will be launching a new TV series called The Three Body Problem, which is based on a trilogy of the same name by the author, Cixin Liu.

The Three Body Problem is science fiction of the finest kind and the books made waves when they were released.The same is expected of the series.

To give a little background, the plot is set in post Cultural Revolution China where the protagonist Ye disturbed and disappointed by the self-destructive tendencies of the human race, in a fit of vengeance and angry, sends an invitation to alien species to invade Earth.

What follows next is a long down spiral of factitious politics, frightening science (because the science in this book is very much probable) and thrilling twists and turns.

Towards the end it also manages to answer a few important philosophical questions about co-existence, politics, expansionist and imperialist civilizations.

For its enticing darkness, innovative science and intriguing plot, The Three Body Problem TV series is something to watch out for!

Credits: Pandaily on Twitter

TO DO: Watch The Three Body Problem series.

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