The Three Body Problem is a scifi novel by China’s most loved scifi author, Liu Cixin.

It is the first novel of the trilogy titled Remembrance of Earth’s Past.

The novel takes the classic scifi scenario – contact with alien life – and cranks up the sinister side to it to maximum.

The story starts with young Ye Wenjie who witnesses her scientist father’s death at the hands of the Cultural Revolution revolutionaries.

She is sent off to a re-education camp but ends up at a top secret government project seeking extra-terrestrial life.

Coming to the present, scientist Wang Miao is taken to a secret meeting of military officials who are fighting an enemy force that is trying to destroy the roots of human science and technology by driving scientists to suicide or by killing them.

This book will make you think if you really ever would want to get in touch with alien civilisations.

Credits: Visakan on Twitter

TO DO: Read The Three Body Problem by Liu Cixin.


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