You either absolutely LOVE Radiohead, or you don’t care they exist. There’s no in between.

Those who are drawn to this band, have some special reasons for the same.

Radiohead exposes their own flaws through scathingly honest lyrics. This allows the listener to form a strong bond with the band.

If you’ve faced failure in life, you’ll connect to Radiohead. And this is not to say that as a novice Radiohead listener, you’ll feel depressed hearing them.

It’s almost as if Thom Yorke’s voice teamed with the discordant, off-tempo music liberates you from whatever pain you have been through.

Pain and sweetness come together when a Radiohead song plays. Pardon our extreme bias, we’re big fans of this band. And if you are as well, we discovered a gem for you here!

THIS WEEK: Tune in to 18 hours of unreleased Radiohead recordings from the late 90s.

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