If you are an aspiring nomadic traveler and leap around the world having internet as the only source of communication, then there’s is a great piece of news for you.

You can now stay with actual Mongolian nomads who travel every few weeks from one location to another.

You can thank the partnership between Air BnB and what3words.

Because of them, the two types of nomads can now meet somewhere on the Mongolian hills and get the true essence of nomadic life.

Founded in 2013, in London, what3words uses a proprietary algorithm that divides the entire world in 57 trillion square unites.

Each of the squares is measured at 3 meters and each of them gets a 3-word unique address of their own.

In one way, it can be described as a GPS which is easy to use and understand.

It is already being used by some of the Airbnb hosts across the world.

According to what3words, there are a lot of Mongolian people who want to get involved in tourism because they want to spend more of a traditional lifestyle.

They update their address every 3 weeks so that they easily continue their nomadic lifestyle too.

There are two types of groups- Dukha Reindeer helders in the Taiga forest and the hosts that live in the Altai Tavan Bogd National Park.

Know more about the adventurous nomadic travel in Mongolia here.

Credits: BBC Travel on Twitter

TO DO: Book Airbnb for a vacation with Mongolian nomads.


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