Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat – the phenomena that took over real conversations.

When people are right in front of you, you might find it difficult to stay engaged in a conversation with them. You might find yourself losing track of what they’re saying because your monkey mind is off to somewhere else.

You’re not alone in this realisation. The good part is, awareness is the first step to improvement. Over the next one week, try the following 2 things when you have a conversation with someone and see the quality of conversation upgrade.

Put your phone away, preferably in a bag, on silent so the notification tone won’t bother you. Or keep it in DND mode so only urgent notifications come your way. And be attentive. By attentive, we mean, observe carefully the emotions of the person in front of you through physical cues.

Learning non verbal cues of someone is important to build a strong relationship with them. And all we need is love, after all.

THIS WEEK: Put your phone away and pay attention to physical cues while having a conversation.


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