Steph Smith tracks everything she does in Google Sheets.

From how often she exercises, how many books she gets through, how often she learns to code and a lot more.

She does this to quantify her progress in all facets of her life.

Taking this idea, she came up with a project called Progression Page in which each member can log their daily progress in terms of what they’re learning.

This information is directly pulled from Google Sheets and displayed on the web page.

It is one of the many examples where Google Sheets can be used as a database.

It’s advantageous to use it because of ease of viewing, editing and scaling the information as needed.

Keeping this functionality of Google Sheets in mind, Steph has drafted a tutorial covering 3 ways to link with the Google API for those using NodeJS which covers:

– HTTP requests with v3

– OAuth2 with v4

– OAuth2 with google-spreadsheet

– Utilizing the data in an express app.

Read the tutorial here.

Credits: Steph Smith on Twitter

TO DO: Follow Steph Smith’s tutorial on using google sheets as database in express app


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