French street artist Vinie Graffiti is taking France by storm.

She creates murals that feature cartoon-like females with large eyes, remarkable expressions, and hair that can give shampoo companies a run for their money!

These aren’t just your everyday small graffitis, but sprawling art pieces that encompass huge buildings.

The fascinating part about Vinie’s work is that it captures the dreamy and colourful female side, perfectly.

These murals are adorned with hair that have a life of their own.

Resembling fireworks, butterflies, waves, balloons, and more, these murals come alive on the streets of France.

The artist even incorporates actual ivy as hair, an approach that is taking her toward experimenting with lifelike structures.

Looking at her work is like looking at modern day Rapunzel.

TO DO: Explore Vinie Graffiti’s work on the streets of France.


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