Sedentary lifestyle is a norm tough to let go of. Your local gym probably pitches their state of the art workout machines and intense training sessions to give you that ideal physique.

But not all of us can afford to hit the gym or be up for those heavy weightlifting routines. If that is indeed the case, you’d be happy to know that a long walk in solitude shall also suffice.

Walks are highly beneficial for the body AND mind. They help regulate your weight, improve your cardiovascular health, ease joint pains, strengthen your bones and muscles. According to a study by Neurology, the cognitive abilities of people can be improved by walks. They also give you the gift of solitude so you can be away from all distractions and alone with your thoughts. When was the last time you treated yourself to some blissful solitude?

THIS WEEK: Log how many miles you walk every day.

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