Bootstrap Shuffle is a tool to help you build a layout as quickly and smoothly as possible so you can focus on refining your project.

You can choose production ready Bootstrap UI components that are highly customizable. Once you’re done with the settings, source files are available for download to combine front end with back end.

Pros of using this tool:
– You don’t need any training and saves a lot of developer time
– Their customizer panel is designed thematically to make the most effective use of it
– Color pickers, Google fonts, Shadow builder etc. are all available for quick implementation of settings.
– Live edit
– Preview of your edits is shareable
– No external dependencies other than ones used by bootstrap

Their monthly billing stands at $12 pm or $60 for a lifetime license. We think it’s a great deal for a developer.

TO DO: Use Bootstrap Shuffle to simplify the design process for web based project


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