Gary Keller in his book The ONE Thing talks about how no matter how much we try to get important things done in our life, there will always be a few things that will be left undone.

The idea behind this Wall Street Journal bestseller book is to teach people to dismiss distractions and focus on one thing at a time, to move towards your ambitions in life.

The book teaches us how to get some amazing results in every situation of our life.

Gary Keller says that success is not perfection. We cannot avoid distractions every day in our life. The aim is to focus on things that matter the most and when you are focusing on that “ONE Thing”, avoid distraction at any cost.

He says like it is similar to watching a movie. When we go for a movie our “ONE Thing” is to watch the film without any distractions, hence we switch off our phone and grab some snacks for an uninterrupted experience.

Time blocking is one of the best ways to manage important work and avoid distractions.

Credits: David Cancel on Twitter

TO DO: Read “The One Thing” by Gary Keller for a laid out plan on how to achieve success.


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