Founders of bootstrapped startups do not find much time at hand to make direct sales and with fewer monetary resources to hire a sales team, they simply tend to avoid it.

Nathan Barry lays down the common excuses founders give to not pursue this channel of traction and proceeds to work through them and how they can be tackled.

One common reason founders cite is their time being too valuable.

Nathan goes to say if you are not growing as fast as you’d like, then your time is definitely not that valuable.

If you have $100 in MRR, spending five hours to reach $200 MRR is worth it.

In addition to generating revenue, you get valuable customer feedback that goes missing when you’re rejected online for reasons unknown to you.

It is also important to pursue this channel in order to get that initial traction that can turn into referrals and finally get you the much-anticipated growth through word of mouth.

In a comprehensive post, Nathan elaborates on how to make this channel work for you.

Credits: Tyler Tringas on Twitter

TO DO: Use direct sales as a traction channel to get initial traction and understand cold customers better


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