Jason Lemkin of SaasStr, the world’s largest community of SaaS executives, founders, and entrepreneurs, recently tweeted about the journey.

5 years ago, he claims to have had no idea about how to produce an event.

Today, they are capable of organising a $20M, 20000 people global event spanning over a week.

The learning curve was brutal, to say the least. His advice? If you obsess everyday, you will become a true expert in 5 years even in something new.

One of our favorite words of wisdom from Jason include another tweet he posted. “Once or twice in life, someone will give you a shot you don’t quite deserve

Work 100 hours

Do whatever it takes

Make it happen”

Credits: Jason Lemkin on Twitter

TO DO: Learn 2 new things about your field everyday to see compounded effect in the long run.


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