Recently, YouTube released a new AR feature on its platform.

Considering how make up tutorials and reviews are the most popular type of content on YouTube, they have come up with a virtual makeup try-on feature called AR Beauty Try-On.

It can be used in a split screen experience as you watch the makeup tutorial.

For videos that offer this feature, the video plays on the top of the screen while you stream from your front facing camera.

You could select lipstick shades, for example, and tap to apply them to your face.

The feature is currently (as of July) in its alpha testing phase and seems to be a promising opportunity for a lot of beauty brands.

While not the first player to offer AR beauty tips, YouTube’s feature is different in the sense that it’s not just a consumer product or used as a tool on-site for conversions.

Credits: Clay Bavor on Twitter

TO DO: Try YouTube’s AR Beauty Try-On feature

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