Telescope ads are quite seducing to a novice

“Bring the mysteries of the universe up close for your inspection”.

Unfortunately, if you buy optics from Amazon US, chances are high you’ll get broken stuff.

And other department store telescopes may seem like a good deal and user friendly, but usually end up being a complete frustration to the recipient.

If you’re thinking of taking up astronomy as a hobby, what you really need is a set of lightweight but high quality binoculars. Eg. Nikon Monarch 3 8X42. They’re lightweight, flexible and very portable.

Telescopes can only do so much in light pollution.

If you pick cheaper ones, you can look at planets but will not be able to see nebulas etc.

For nebulas like Orion, you need a minimum 8-inch telescope and dark enough skies.

However, if you still wish to purchase a decent beginner telescope, Orion SkyScanner 100mm TableTop Reflector Telescope is easy to use and is good at collecting light for direct observation.

Credits: Thomas Fuchs on Twitter

TO DO: Buy Nikon Monarch 3 8X42 for astronomy hobby.


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