Mixing drinks is never a good idea in general. But you can forget about that when in comes to cocktails.

With some basic skills in mixing drinks or even good taste buds, one can create very simple and delicious cocktails.

You can find recipes for such cocktails here.

But read on for tips that can help you create your own cocktails:
– A cocktail is different from other mixed drinks because its key ingredients are a combination of liquor, a sweetener or a bitter ingredient along with water.
– Be aware of different kinds of ice for some dissolve quickly while mixing. Go for infused ice for enhanced taste.
– While liquor is the base of a cocktail and add the most taste, you can also try liqueur which comes in every taste imaginable be it sour, fruity, spicy or sweet.

Credits: Chowhound on Twitter

TO DO: Make cocktails this weekend using Chowhound’s recipes.


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