Art is a creative depiction of human sentiments and emotions. Since centuries it has been used by various civilizations to record events, mould psychological behaviour and enhance cultural traditions. Always visualized with various ingenious characteristics, its therapeutic values were camouflaged.

In recent times, due to rapid developmental issues and psychological strains, people are often diagnosed with various mental ailments like depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and disparity. Researchers and psychologists had a hard time coping with the intensity of these conditions. This is where art therapy first originated.

The art therapy movement was mainly pioneered by Margaret Naumburg and Edith Kramer, in USA. Around the same time, the British Association of Art Therapists was also established.

What exactly is Art Therapy?

Art therapy is the use of various creative techniques like drawing, painting, colouring or sculpting which helps people express themselves artistically and also examine the psychological and emotional undertones in their art. With professional guidance and counselling, people can understand the hidden meaning of their own art, decode subtle messages and metaphors which leads to the better understanding of their feelings and helps to resolve deep rooted issues and troubles. In short, Art therapy is a process which helps to identify human sensations and segregate the cause of problems or issues and their solutions.

Art therapy is gaining momentum at a phenomenal rate. In the 21st century as man has set the bar of progress higher and is taking magnificent strides of success, worries and anxieties have plagued him. Deteriorating mental health problems and psychological issues are increasing at a rapid pace. The present generation is developing newer conditions of mental imparity, which are found to be successfully cured by art therapy. Thus, this form of counselling is gaining momentum across the globe, the response coming especially from the adolescent age group.

The following are the most commonly used “artistic measures” in art therapy programs:


What can be more wondrous than to express your emotions with the help of colourful paints and bright shades? Painting art therapy offers the ultimate level of relaxation and is quite famous among psychotherapists. It brings out the inner thoughts, splashing them across the white canvas in a vivid and intriguing manner.


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Digital Art

In a technological era, this form of art therapy is a rave. It includes various types of technology-based media, like digital collage, digital drawing, illustrations and films that are used by the therapists to assist clients. For the present generation, this is a perfect form of treatment.

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Every ambition needs a head-strong vision and relentless endeavours. Those who have the vision choose photography to portray it. It is an excellent art therapy and soothes the mind unbeknownst. The world seen from the eyes of a patient often contains solutions to various issues plaguing them.


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Puppet Therapy

Puppets are excellent projections of thoughts. As the therapy is rich in visual symbols and verbal metaphors it can express the flow of emotions fluently and causes less anxiety to an individual. Therapists need to learn the sign language themselves to be able to interpret their client’s motives. It is being viewed as an emerging art therapy for autistic people as well.


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Fingerprint Art

Traditional arts like sculpting and painting need specific set of tools and a creative hand to be able to create something meaningful. Fingerprint art, however, opposes all these hurdles and is easy for amateurs to try. It just requires sound fingers and a box of paint! Dip a finger in the colouring bowl and drag it across the canvas! Hola! There’s an easy and inexpensive depiction of your inner demons. Though not very known, this art is used domestically for treatment purposes.

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Textile Art

This art therapy is quite underrated. Consisting of intricate sewing network and tiny creative designs, this task fills up the mundane space of the mind, thus having an overall calming and soothing effect. As it requires loads of focus and determination, various anxiety issues, bipolar disorders, impaired thinking processes and their after-effects can be mellowed down.

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Collage Therapy

This is one easy method to portray emotions without getting self-conscious. When you are at your wit’s end and creativity gets blurred, making a collage often offers the right solution. Just gather the right material – enough for a theme, a pair of scissors and glue and boom! You have your artistic side evaluated and presented, in a collected state – just like your thoughts. This process helps to avoid distractions and is able to mark the focus point.

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Journal Writing

Writing a journal does not always revolve around the usage of elaborate words. It’s an art to vent out and can be expressed through doodles, sketches or simple visual aids. Keeping a journal helps to maintain a track of your emotions and mood swings. For this activity, one doesn’t need to invest lots of time and energy, plus the material required won’t leave you bankrupt!

Maintain an honest journal; maintain your flow of thoughts!

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If you have exceptional skills of portraying emotions through a lifeless sculpture and enlivening it for the audience, this is just the art therapy for you! Create a sculpture, mould the figures and curve it according to your mood. Sculptures that have won awards for their ingenuity are often found to have a background of real thoughts.

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Like moulding things? Creating something amazing out of mere mud? Then this is the therapy for you. Pottery offers a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction, thus soothing anxiety to a greater extent. The moulded shapes are often associated with the individual’s significant life experiences and embodied inner-self representations. This thus makes it easier for the therapists to get to the root of the problem or issue faced. Hence, pottery is also referred to as the art of moulding and recognition.

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Final Words

Art is not just a mere depiction of life. It is existence itself, moulded creatively, with specks of endeavours and fiascos. What matters is not the interpretation of the art, but its hidden meaning. Depression and mental health issues are not the end of it, there’s more underneath it which is worth exploring. Sign up for art therapies today and get rid of all the negativity! It’s definitely worth it!