When all your motivational speeches fail to boost your employees, take a look at these hi-tech gadgets (starting at only $16.69) to improve productivity instantly.

Logitech MX Vertical is an ergonomically designed mouse with 57-degree angle has brought revolution to the traditional mouse.

With the 4000 DPI highly efficient tracking sensor for swift movements (usual mouses only have 1000 DPI sensor), it has become easy to navigate with three computers.

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“I bought this for my job so as to lessen wrist pain from using a mouse all work day. It takes a few hours to get used to it but it works great. The cursor tracks great and the island clickers are satisfying to use. – Richard C. Mangan


DYMO LabelWriter is capable of printing 71 address, barcode, name badges, and file under 60 seconds.  

You can connect to Mac or PC for printing labels directly from Outlook, Word or QuickBooks and get rid of the hassle of sheet label. Once you get a hang of DYMO stamp software, you can make the best out of thermal printing technology.

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“I like this label writer. Only problem i encounter with this series is when it print out one label, you tear it off from the cutter. It will spit out an empty label. I do not know whether there’s a way to make it stop spitting out unprinted label. So I stop tearing off the labels when the power is on.” – Bilberry

MECO Keyboard Cleaner lets you have snacks at your desk without worrying about crumbs on the laptop or keyboard.

2 vacuum nozzles, rechargeable 2000mAh Li-battery, and functional filter system – the great features of the cleaner pull out dust, soot, crumbs or any other minuscule particle effortlessly.

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“Powerful little thing, works great. I finally have solution to clean my keyboard, without having to lift it upside down and shake. I am going to clean my car dashboard with this later, could be great.” – Gene

Patu Elbow Pad Armrest is geared up with an ergonomic design which keeps the shoulder strain away while working long hours

Made for supporting 24 lbs, the easy-to-use extension can be rotated for 180 degrees. The cushion adds comfort and the portable armrest is moveable with right and left hand.

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“I am suffering from either carpal tunnel or a pinched shoulder nerve and would suffer burning numbing pain from my right hand to my elbow daily to the point where I would be crying in pain. Since purchasing this product for work, my suffering has gone to a 2 on the pain scale and I am so grateful. I can’t picture getting through a day at work without it. This is excellent for those who do not have flexibility in the equipment provided at their work station, definitely worth the investment.” – Sarah Leith


reMarkable Paper Tablet helps you write or read at work instead of finding a paper and pen in the midst of a phone call.

Replacing the need of carrying a paper notebook, the tablet with CANVAS display feels like light paper. You can also convert handwritten notes to text and print documents at any time.

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“Many times I “PDF” my files for presentation at work. I can draw my notes and send them back to my laptop. The only drawback I find is that I cannot sync with Evernote, Dropbox, nor Basecamp. But the Pencil/Pen/Brush rendering is excellent with good battery life.” – Michael Gorecki

Fujitsu ScanSnap is a wireless document scanner which you can connect to a smartphone, laptop or tablet.

 Scanning a colored page in less 6 seconds, the portable device works with OCR technology and rechargeable battery.

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“I bought this for use with my organization 6 months ago. It has far surpassed my expectations but effortlessly printing from both my iPhone 6 and my laptop. I would highly recommend this for the professional on the go but requires uploading information in a snap.” – John Emery

Stand Steady Flexpro Standing Desk is engineered with ergonomic setup and double tier large surface for relieving your back.

Involving a hydraulic pump lift, the flexible desk makes helps you stand and sit for long hours comfortably.

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“I bought this for my husband’s desk at work. He likes it but for one thing …. he said that he wishes the keyboard would slide back towards the back of the unit when in the lowest position. Said it interferes a little with using his desk. Other than that he said it’s a quality product. Said the hydraulic function works easily and he finds it comfortable to use.” – Debra Woods


Muji Handy Shredder does not run on electricity which makes it a great energy-saving device.

Instead of installing bulky shredders around the office, the little shredder is a Japan-made product is an economical choice.

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“It’s a very lightweight shredder I use for receipts. Fun to use as long as you follow instructions and don’t put in too many layers of paper (max is 2 A4 size sheets at once).” – Adam Wong

Cubii Pro Under Desk Elliptical is a Bluetooth-enabled portable health gear that keeps your blood flow regular and muscles strong.

The durable and sturdy construction syncs with smartwatches for tracking RPM, calories, and distance.

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“This is genius. I am able to get my 10,000 steps in while at a desk job where a barely get up. I think it is a game changer, and am so happy I found it.” – Laura

Personal stress sensor PIP has proven to de-stress your staffs under 5 minutes and keep them relaxed while organizing a hectic schedule.  

Controlling reaction and retaining attention with new technology, the device can also detect electrodermal activity for helping you relax.

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“This is an awesome product. I love how it makes you focus on the moment. It’s very good at introducing mindfulness and it’s a unique idea to see the progress you are making within the picture.” – Joyce