If you have just moved into a new home or you are a working/college student you have surely had ideas on changing your house decor quite a few times. But it can be complex and at the same time exasperating to do but you can always start with a smaller space. One such area is your bathroom. Probably the tiniest space but the trickiest one to update especially when you have a restraining budget to work with. Do not fret because this space can actually be turned into a treat within a day without much effort. Now, if you do have a budget constraint, things like your tub, sink, the toilet can definitely not be replaced. They have to be kept intact while using the other elements to refresh your bathroom and give it a new, modern look or sort of giving it your personality. The idea is to use minimal elements to give a maximised effect.

Finding your theme

Find a theme you actually like which represents your thoughts and ideas. Search through Pinterest, create a mood board, go all out if you really are into the aesthetics. Whether you want a more modern but classic or a slightly more minimalist, Scandinavian outlook completely depends on you, take a few quizzes if necessary to find the perfect look. Once you understand your personal style choosing the rest of the elements becomes a thousand times easier.


Paint your walls if you find it necessary. If you feel your bathroom is a case for it, it is best to stick to neutral shades of white, grey or ivory when painting. Having these colours as a base is a good start. Stick to a basic but a classic shade and then play around with your accessories. For varied seasons you can add a variety of colours or can colour coordinate your other details easily. Thus, giving you a great base to work with.


Storage is the most important of aspects that you need to make room for in your bathroom. Smaller spaces do not always mean that storage cannot be handled. Use open shelves to give a more extensive look. Enclosed shelves tend to make a space look more occupied making your washroom feel tinier. Use wooden racks or glass racks to store your toiletries. Similarly, even garbage bins can be replaced by using jute baskets. Display your towels on those racks to give a clean, ventilated feel. Keep one big closed cabinet, this cabinet can be underneath your sink with all extra utilities for the bathroom.Therefore leaving a lot of open space and not make your bathroom look crammed.
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If you do have a few extra dollars to shed. Redo the old faucets and bring in new, sleek metal looking ones to compliment your aesthetic even more. These little additions can make a striking change to your bathroom. You could even thrift shop if you want a more vintage vibe.
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Alluring mirrors

A mirror serves various purposes and one such important purpose is to make the size of any room look bigger. The reflection on a mirror gives an illusion of a bigger space. Therefore invest in a mirror which will not only help you take great outfit pictures but will also make your bathroom look bigger and brighter. You may not always find a mirror which matches the aesthetic of the bathroom. For such scenarios, you can always DIY them byadding frames to them or in case you already do have a frame attached just spray paint it with a colour of your choice, but make sure to use a water-resistant
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Most bathrooms these days come with a sink attached to a countertop. These countertops might not match your ideas but there is a cheap and accessible way to actually get an aesthetically pleasing countertop. Use stick-on sheets. These sheets are available online and can easily be placed and stuck without creating a mess and also they are water resistant which only makes them much more feasible especially on a budget. Place these and watch your bathroom transform. My personal favourites are the sheets with marble print but you can find them in a wide range of colours and prints.
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Towels and washcloths

When thinking about accessorizing think it in a manner where all items are more colour coordinated. Use this opportunity to buy towels and washcloths of the same colour scheme and hang them or put them around to add an extra touch of colour.
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Potted plants/flowers

A lot of people might dislike the idea of having a plant inside a bathroom. But once you add it, the entire feel of the space might change and give a more refreshing update to a bland looking room. If a real plant is just too much work you can always use a faux plant. Put up white hydrangeas on your counter or place a real plant on your windowsill to make a remarkable change.
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Shower curtain

A great white linen curtain or even a really eclectic looking bath curtain can completely make or break your bathroom. Invest in ones which can be washed easily and at the same time look great.
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For the flooring, you cannot really change it if you have to redecorate on a budget. But instead to make your bathroom feel and look a little more put together add a textured rug on the floor. But it is important to expend your money on the rugs which have high sustainability and will not get ruined by several washes and cleaning. Therefore, get a rug which is not only great to look at but is also practical to maintain.
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Extra touches

Last but not least make it more cosy by adding extra personal touches. Like attractive trays to your countertops to arrange your everyday toiletries like toothbrushes, makeup brushes, lotions and even your faux flowers. Arrange them on a pretty tray and make an attractive display of it. You can also buy a few scented candles to make your bathroom smell delicious 24*7 and giving you the most spa-like retreat even at your home.
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