Camping has always been a great diversion for any person who wants a quick escape from the chaotic and the commotion-stricken city life. The mere thought of sitting in front of a warm campfire under a starlit sky and being engulfed by the sound of nature can make any travel enthusiast go weak on their knees. Camping is often considered to be the best way to reconnect with your inner self, which is often lost while keeping up with the pace of daily our lives. However, this experience can quickly turn into a rather unpleasant scenario if one is not equipped with the right gear. One might think that a small trip might not require a lot of gear, the truth, however, is far from it. With the right gear by your side, your camping experience in terms of comfort will easily strike up a notch. There are various types of camping gears out there, some for the professionals and others for the ones seeking sporadic escape into the wilds. Herein, we present to you some of the most basic camping necessities and suggest some of the best camping equipment for your ideal weekend getaway:

Multipurpose Tent

We have come a long way since the time when tents were merely considered to be the coverings for our heads during a camping trip. Nowadays, tents are multi-purpose tools that are rich in features and come in a variety of sizes. You must decide upon the durability of your tent depending upon the weather condition in the area and the frequency of your camping trips. However, if the camping trip happens to be in an area which faces the harsh wrath of the environment, there are various ultra-durable camping tents available to fit the purpose.
  • Product to Purchase: Nemo Losi 4P

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If you are looking for a weekend camping getaway, the best tent you can choose is the Nemo Losi 4P. The regular size fits 3 people while the larger one can fit up to 4 people. This is basically a hybrid backpacking tent which is the perfect requirement for any family camping trip. And if it’s a trip for two, go ahead and buy the 3-person sized one and enjoy the extra space. You can buy the Nemo Losi 4P in between a price range of $389 to $449, depending on the size.  

Sleeping Bags

The next major agenda on your camping list should be a solid sleeping bag, one that can provide you with both space and comfort. Since we are talking about weekend trips, it is most likely for you to be traveling upon a vehicle, wherein you can carry the bag. You can easily carry some of the jumbo-sized sleeping bags which provides you with the maximum comfort and keeps you warm during the coldest hours of the night. However, if you’re looking for a trip that primarily involves trekking, we suggest you to go for a sleeping bag which is smaller in size.
  • Product to Purchase: Agemore Cotton Flannel Double Sleeping Bag 

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We picked this model from Agemore as it’s one of the most trusted brands when it comes to outdoor gears for camping. This queen-sized sleeping bag can easily fit two individuals, and can also be separated to even serve as two completely separate sleeping bags. Pick up two of these for your entire family or just take one to get on the road with your buddy. Rest assured, the Agemore sleeping bags will provide you with complete comfort on your trips. You can buy this Agemore model for as little as $60.  

Camping Chairs

The bonfire is one of the primary attractions of any camping trip. There are not many experiences that can compete with having a cold beer next to a bonfire while having deep and engaging conversations with your family and friends. Campers most definitely spend a lot of their camping time simply relaxing on these chairs while soaking the serenity of nature. This prompts the need for such chairs to be both comfortable and flexible. While you might easily find some cheap camp chairs down on your neighborhood local store, we suggest you to go for something that’s a bit more professional. Weekend trips should be more about comfort and less about the price and these ergonomically balanced chairs provide you just that.
  • Product to Purchase: Coleman Oversized Quad Chair

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Pick up this double pack of Coleman’s oversized camping chairs and make sure that you get all the comfort that you deserve. While these may be double the cost of your local camping chairs, the amount of backspace and legroom these chairs provide are unmatched, and will definitely outlive its competitors. It’s absolutely lightweight and has an inbuilt storage space, for bottles and cans, which can also function as a cooler. Get ready to lay out on these chairs for an entire afternoon without feeling even an ounce of pain or cramp in your muscles. You can buy a Pack of Two of Coleman’s Quad Chair for $58.  

Camping Stove

The last must-have item for a weekend camping trip is a multipurpose and portable stove. You no longer need to carry those small gas stoves and eat half-cooked meals when you are out in the woods. Some of the latest stoves come in very handy sizes and can ensure that all your meals are cooked just like home.
  • Camp Chef MS2HP Mountain Camping Series 

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One of the best portable stoves right now is the Camp Chef MS2HP.
  • This super lightweight stove is really easy to travel with and comes with two gas burners for your cooking process to be twice as fast and easy.
  • Along with it, you’ll also get a grill which you can easily detach or attach depending on your needs.
With this stove, you’d never need to worry about the intensity at which you can cook as well. Experience the comfort of your kitchen, out in the woods with Camp Chef. Don’t deny yourself of this luxury, get one today. You can buy Camp Chef MS2HP for only $100.

Final Words

There are various other items that you can add on your shopping list before going on a weekend camping trip, like mattresses for your tent, headlamps, camp beddings, safety and survival tools, and others, depending upon the particulars of your trip. However, these four items are sure to be of utmost importance for you to have a nice and comfortable experience in your next weekend camping trip.