Candles are the best way to bring up the festive mood. This time, try making your own candles rather than buying them from outside and customize them the way you want.

Things you require


  • Take glasses of different shapes and sizes. You can take wine glasses, shot glasses, normal water glasses and use as many as you want. Place different kinds of colored stones, glass pebbles, marbles or colorful beads in each of them.


  • Pour water in each of the glasses, up to the desired level.


  • Add a few drops of food coloring in each of the glasses to get a candle of the color of your choice. Begin by adding a few droplets and then increase the amount added to make the color darker and more prominent.


  • Take a plastic bottle like that of a soft drink or mineral water bottle. Cut out a small piece from it as shown. Cut a slit in the piece using a pair of scissors and slide through it, a candle wick.


  • Dip the plastic piece along with the candle wick into the glass. The plastic helps the wick stay afloat.


  • Add cooking oil to the glasses to increase the viscosity of the contents of each glass that are present around the wick and let it settle. As oil doesn’t mix with water it will stay together and provide the necessary flammable material to light up the candle.


  • Voila, your candles are ready. Light them up using a lighter. Children, please take help from an adult for this. You can also add some glitter to the candles if required to add an extra touch.