When I was a kid, there was a time when I was depressed and sad because my pet dog died. I could not eat, or sleep or do anything productive. I thought I had lost the will to live, as the sadness was really taking over.
One day, my grandma asked me to help her with gardening. At first, I refused to do so, but when she insisted I agreed. When I started gardening along with her, I started feeling really positive. It was a surprise for me, as I never thought gardening could actually heal me. Some people often think that gardening is boring, but it is absolutely not. It is a great therapeutic process for your soul and body. Ever since then, I never stopped gardening. It helped me to live again, to breathe again and to enjoy life again.

Gardening everyday keeps the doctor away

There are many health benefits of gardening. Hospitals, old-age homes, rehabilitation centres, even prisons and other community places have installed gardens for health benefits and therapeutic purposes.

Here are some of the health benefits of gardening:

  1. Stress relief- Gardening has been proved to be a great cause for stress relief. Gardening reduces the stress hormone in our brain Cortisol, which does not only reduces stress but also reduces the chance of fatigue, memory loss or any heart disease.
  2. Boosts immune system: Gardening can make your hands dirty with the soil and dirt, but what if I tell you, that making your hands dirty is actually good for you. The soil bacteria Mycobacterium vaccae which is found in garden dirt is good for your health. This bacteria can alleviate depression, psoriasis, asthma and allergies.
  3. Work out: Gardening is a way for you to stay fit. Gardening for 3 hours is equal to 1 hour of gym session.
  4. Gardening exercises brain: Gardening is a work out process not just for your body, it stimulates mental health as well. Gardening can reduce Dementia or Alzheimer. Gardening strengthens cognitive functions.

There are many other benefits of gardening other than these, such as it benefits healthy diet, increases body strength, and is full of positivity.

How is Gardening therapeutic?

Gardening has a significant positive effect on your mental health. It heals you if you are in depression. With all the greenery around you, and to carefully handle plants and flowers, it brings immense joy and happiness.

  • Gardening makes you learn to take responsibility, as you are taking care of lives and nurturing them.
  • Gardening helps you relax and let go of all our worries.
  • Gardening helps you release anxiety. It stimulates all the senses in your body. You can feel the calmness running through your mind and soul.


What is Organic Gardening?

Recently, the term ‘organic’ has been associated with food and garden, and other related products. You can see many food products with this label. There are farmers who use the organic method of farming as well. Organic gardening basically means gardening without the use of any synthetic artificial products such as fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or any product that disturbs the balance of the ecosystem. Organic gardening is done so that your garden can grow in peace with nature.

There are a variety of organic methods and tools to bolster the growth of your plant and taking care of its health. Organic gardening can be done with the help of natural resources, just like how the natural ecosystem is. A plant requires water, sunlight, insects and other nature-friendly products to grow in a healthy way. If you are a gardener, or you have the urge to be one, you should do it in the most natural way possible without using any artificial product. It is a lot like taking care of your own baby. Just like you won’t feed your baby any kind of junk food that can be harmful, the same way, pesticides and fertilizers are junk food for your plants.


Benefits of Organic Gardening

There are many benefits of Organic Gardening such as:

  1. Taste- There will be a distinct change in taste of organic products. You can taste the original and authentic flavour of the product. Also, the organic fruits in your garden will be so fresh that you can have it right there.
  2. Health benefits- Organic gardening comes with a truckload of health benefits. Synthetic fertilizers and pesticides can cause numerous health issues such as breast cancer, Parkinson’s, brain issues, depression and so on. Going organic is good for your health and your soul. It increases the level of Vitamin D, reduces stress and veggies and fruits coming from good soil will make you happy.
  3. Meditation- Organic gardening is a very spiritual activity. Tilling the soil, slowly pulling out the weed while getting your hands wet with the rich soil will bring you closer to the nature. It is a great way of meditation.
  4. Money- This is another great benefit and the reason why people choose organic gardening. Gardening can be really cheap without the use of expensive fertilizers and pesticides. You can just start off with one plant and gradually you will have a whole garden.

These are some of the main benefits of organic gardening. The statistics show that the rate of organic horticulture is increasing day by day, as more and more gardeners are getting attracted to this. This is the healthiest and best way of gardening.


Organic Sales Reach $47 Billion in U.S.
Market share increases as organics continue upward climb, according to OTA survey.


In the above statistics, you can see how the growth of organic sales has increased over the years.


Ruth Stout: The Empress of Dirt

Ruth Imogen Stout, who was born in in 1984, is famous for her insane method of gardening that changed the history of gardening. She was an extraordinary gardener who was born way ahead of her time. She had worked as a nurse, a book-keeper, a factory worker, a lecturer, a baby sitter and so on, but could not find peace at any work. Finally, around 1930, she found her true passion and that is gardening.

Ruth Stout method may sound insane but it surprisingly yields the best result. She firstly used fertilizers, and other artificial products for gardening and it was a lot of hard work. But one day as she was waiting for her plough man to arrive, she threw some seeds on the soil and covered it with some hay. She discovered that the plant grew up really well without the help of any fertilizers, in its own natural process.

Thus, Ruth Stout Gardening, which is also called the lazy gardening, or the no work gardening is one of the best ways of organic gardening because:

  • There is no need of ploughing, cultivating, and watering.
  • Throw some seeds on the soil, throw some hay over it and done.

The hay decomposes and thus it enriches the soil. The Ruth Stout method of gardening is when you let nature do its work. You just have to throw some soil over the seeds and wait for nature to do its job. As Ruth Stout suggested oil spoilt hay, it is recommended to use that. You can easily incorporate this method in your private garden as it is an easy method, and does not take much time as well.

Ruth Stout gardening is a great method of organic gardening because:

  • It requires no fertilizers or pesticides or any artificial synthetic product
  • It is an easy method of gardening
  • It is a cost-effective method
  • The whole gardening process is done by the nature itself, thus the product is highly natural and healthy
  • Hay mulch is used in place of watering, you can choose straw to avoid the hay seeds

Ruth Stout method is a very healthy process as the whole process is natural. The hay mulch smothers out the grass and weed which prevents evaporation. It insulates the ground in winter, cools it in summer and adds nutrients as it begins to break down. The end result is an extremely fertile garden.
It requires no digging, no tilling, no fertilizers, and no watering and negligible amount of weeding.

You can watch a video here

Ruth Stout wrote a lot about gardening, her methods and her life. The books are really interesting to read as she was one energetic and fun soul.
Here are some of her books:

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Final Words

Overall, organic gardening, as you can see, is slowly taking over the gardening universe. Ruth Stout method of organic gardening is more used as it is the easiest and the most effective method of organic gardening. So, start gardening in Ruth Stout way to have a healthy body and soul. Organic gardening heals body and mind, and brings you closer to the nature.
If you want to grow a garden, grow organically!